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Cameron O'Mara

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Providing psychotherapy, training, and consulting in Philadelphia and across greater Pennsylvania.

Individual Therapy



I strongly believe in the capacity for healing and growth that can result from the development of a therapeutic relationship that feels secure, authentic, and safe. Through the work of psychotherapy, I support individuals in gaining a deeper self-understanding that is then used to address various life challenges. This might mean disentangling oneself from old, destructive patterns, determining what steps feel right to take in the next phase of one's life, or finding ways to heal from wounds, old and new.

While different in scope and purpose, I supervise therapists who are working toward their clinical licensure with a similar attunement to exploration and the development of insight in their practice. The supervisory relationship functions to create space for critical reflection and empathic connection as supervisees come to know themselves as clinicians and find their voice in their work.

I apply the same thoughtfulness and care to the relationships that I build as a consultant: attending to the goals that I identify with individuals or organizations, I use my knowledge and skill set to promote changes that are realistic, tangible, and growthful. 


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