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Areas of Expertise

I approach the work of therapy with compassion and humility, inviting all of who you are, and what you feel, into the room. Whatever brings you in, I listen carefully, nonjudgmentally, and openly. I work with you in a collaborative process to bring about meaningful changes in your life that can endure.

Some of the issues I work with individuals (aged 18 and older) to address include:

Life Transitions

Grief and Loss

Existential Concerns

Gender Identity and Gender Transition

Sexuality Concerns

Activism/Political Burnout



Career Transition

Identity Development

Trauma and Histories of Abuse

In addition to these areas of expertise, my experience working in college mental health and my background in academia also allow me to support students, professors, and other members of learning communities through various work and life challenges.

My work as a consultant is centered on helping individuals and organizations increase their competency in LGBTQ concerns. I have guest lectured in numerous university settings, designed and facilitated trainings for healthcare providers, assisted in developing protocols for improved LGBTQ care in mental health settings, and worked individually with other therapists on specific case consultations.

Areas of Expertise

About Me



I come to psychotherapy by way of a deep curiosity about the human condition. I originally found passion in Philosophy, leading me to earn a doctorate specializing in existential, phenomenological, and feminist theories. These all have in common an attempt to better understand and make meaning of the various truths of human experience.


I turned to psychotherapy when I realized that I wanted to use this curiosity and foundation to help others find and give voice to their own truths. I see therapy as a process of coming to know oneself, with and through another. Within the safety of a confidential, trusting, honest relationship, I can help you explore and articulate the complexities of your life. When attended to with care, we can hold space for ambivalence and ambiguity, looking not for a single solution but for multiple possibilities that can enrich and empower you. 

I was drawn to the field of clinical social work for its attunement to the fact that our psyches exist in bodies and in a world that is bound to impact our functioning. To this end, I never reduce you to a diagnosis or a purely biological model of health. I work with you to identify what getting better means for you, and join you on that journey. 


About Me
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